Has the “Great Thaw” Begun in Commercial Real Estate?

While Ocala, FL is a small microcosm in the enormous universe of commercial real estate, it’s amazing how this little market acts in unison with the larger national marketplace. I guess this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise really, since over half the commercial real estate in Ocala is owned by people who live outside Marion county. Things are heating up here in Ocala for Q1 2010, and I hope we’ll see this on the national level. Mr. Market appears to be coming back from his slumber and I’m wondering…Has the Great Thaw begun?
The first six weeks of 2010 has been amazingly active, especially compared to the Ice Age of the last 24 months! Deal flow from owners, credit tenants and investors has risen significantly. We’ve already closed several sizable office and industrial leases and are seeing purchase offers on vacant land.
Conversations with bankers and equity groups over the last two weeks lead me to think that maybe the bands are heading for the dance floor again.