Hwy 200/College Road Vacant Commercial Land Trends Ocala, FL

Hwy 200/College Road Vacant

The vibe and market fundamentals for commercial real estate in Ocala, FL continue to improve. Our community’s unemployment level is now down to 7.5 percent, from a high of 13.5 percent in 2010. Our clients are expanding their businesses and hiring people-all great news. I’m predicting we’re going to start seeing more commercial vacant land selling this year than we have in the past seven years.
The hottest retail corridor in our market remains Hwy 200/College Road. It wasn’t too long ago when this stretch was a two lane road heading from Ocala down to the Withlacoochee River. Today, it’s six lanes host tens of thousands of vehicles every day moving people about Marion County. I often hear folks, visiting Ocala from South Florida, who marvel at how much vacant land is still left along this corridor. It’s an interesting perspective, especially when you remember what it used to look like. My father-in-law remembers when it used to take half a day down traveling down a sandy road to make what takes 20 minutes today.

We’re currently advising several clients with tracts of vacant commercial land for sale along Hwy 200/College Road. It’s been a tough seven years in the market place, but changing market fundamentals should bring a renewed sense of optimism. Below are some details on several transactions we’ve seen along Hwy 200, including a few in which we represented clients. You can also click here to view some of the vacant commercial land listings we represent.
Acres Parcel No. Zoning Close Date Price Price/Acre Price/SF Use
1.43 2378-019-027 B2 Oct-13 $ 1,025,000 $ 716,783 $ 16.46 Panda Express
1.50 35631-001-04 B-2 Aug-13 $ 675,000 $ 450,000 $ 10.33 Bank
2.63 2388-006-000 B-2 Mar-12 $ 1,358,300 $ 516,464 $ 11.86 Hampton Inn
3.16 23877-000-03 PD02 Dec-12 $ 1,400,000 $ 443,038 $ 10.17 RaceTrac
19.61 23849-002-00 B-2 Oct-12 $ 7,100,000 $ 362,060 $ 8.31 Steakhouse
21.78 35369-016-02 B-4/A-1 Jul-12 $ 4,500,000 $ 206,612 $ 4.47 Auto Dealer